The first all-in-one property Valuation Solution

Interval is a cloud based solution that helps valuers to produce RICS & IVS standard-perfect reports in a fraction of the time with far fewer human errors.

The first all-in-one property Valuation Solution

Interval is a cloud based solution that helps valuers to produce RICS & IVS standard-perfect reports in a fraction of the time with far fewer human errors.

Property Valuation From A to Z

With its easy to follow decision tree architecture, Interval guides valuers through all aspects of an assignment including the terms of engagement, the investigation report, the valuation report and the audit trail.


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Terms of Engagement


Full valuation solution

Value any type of asset, under market, income and cost approaches.

Standard Perfect

Perform fully IVS & RICS compliant valuation reports in less than one hour.

Spot Values and Yields

Share a Spot value or a Yield indicator with your client in a blink of an eye.

Data analytics

Keep track of the latest updates and trends on the real estate market.

Project Management

Track the progress on each assignment and ensure your team delivers on time.

A to Z valuations

From the TOE to the delivery of the final report with an automatic audit trail.

Collaborative solution

Work with your team to carry out valuations, based on your own data.

Training material

Tutorials to be up to date with the latest standards of the industry.

Less than one hour to obtain a fully standard Compliant Valuation.

Value any type of property


Apartment & flat, bungalows, HMOs, semi & detached houses, terraced houses, etc.


Offices, shopping centres, hypermarkets, convenience stores, etc.


Green or brown field, development lands, agricultural lands, etc.


Warehouses, manufacturing, flex spaces, gas stations, storage facilities, etc.


Schools, theatres, churches, amusement parks, special purpose, etc.

Using any valuation method

Market Approach

Market Approach

  • Comparable Transactions Method
  • Residual Method

Cost approach

  • Replacement Cost Method (DRC)
  • Reproduction Cost Method (DRC)
  • Residual Method

Income Approach

Freehold valuation

  • Gordon Growth Model Method
  • Freehold Capitalisation rate on short term tenure let at Market Rent
  • Term & Reversion – Hardcore & Layer
  • Term & Reversion – Hardcore & froth
  • Freehold with terminable life building
  • Freehold with terminable life building & Reversion to Site value
  • Freehold with terminable life building & provision for rebuilding
  • Discounted Cash Flow Method (DCF)

Leasehold valuation

  • Leasehold dual rate with Annual Sinking Fund
  • Leasehold at Market Rent dual rate with Annual Sinking Fund and allowance for tax
  • Leasehold below Market Rent dual rate with Annual Sinking Fund and allowance for tax – double ASF counting
  • Leasehold below Market Rent dual rate with Annual Sinking Fund and allowance for tax – Parnell Approach
  • Discounted Cash Flow Method (DCF)

Freehold & Leasehold valuation

  • Synergistic Valuation


  • Residual Method
  • Profit Method

A Game changer for the valuation industry

The first property valuation solution to handle everything from A to Z!

Sample deliverables generated with Interval

The following deliverables are sourced from a sample hypothetical valuation scenario carried out on Interval.
It entails the valuation of two properties for secured lending for a client in Mongolia.

Got questions? Look here

Who we are?

We are a small and passionate start-up filled with dedicated entrepreneurs, chartered surveyors, developers and valuation geeks. We have carried the project through with our own very limited resources for the past 30 months. This involved much tears, laughter, achievements, setbacks, frustrations and extraordinary learnings.

Who is this product targeted at?

This is for any property valuer who is following the IVSC and / or the RICS Red Book. It allows valuers to follow the standards to the letter without needing extensive periods of training for chartered membership, the need to go through the standard books in detail at each assignment and making human errors common with “manual” valuations and adaptations of clumsy word templates. The key advantages of the software are that it allows for valuations to be carried out faster, cheaper, more accurate with fewer human errors and completely to standard than manual template adaptation systems. This is a complete solution that allows a valuer to monitor and carry out the entire valuation and client interaction processes from a single, easy to use platform.

What version of the Red Book / IVSC is this compliant with?

We follow the latest version of the standards at all time. At the moment we are on RedBook, IPMS and IVSC 2020.

Why do we care about the standards, I just want the calculations?

While the calculations form a very crucial part of the property valuation assignment, they are worthless if the assumptions underpinning them are not present and clearly explained to the client. The standards are there to promote transparency and understanding between valuer and client and making sure that all valuers follow the same rule book. We follow the standards to the letter in an effort to provide better valuation reports to clients that are clear and well explained with all underlying assumptions and decision making clear and well explained.

How can you guarantee that the valuations are correct?

We do not guarantee that the estimate of value itself is correct, that part is all down to the skills and expertise of the valuer, we only provide the frameworks to make sure that the valuers follow the applicable standards to the letter. Through the use of the software the valuers will be faced with a series of clear choices on bases of value, approaches, methodology, assumptions etc… All the choices they make will be clearly explained in the valuation report and any significant changes and client communication as well as all additional justifications will be displayed in an automatically generated audit trail.

My country has adopted the IVSC but the market is different and some regulations contradict it, how does the soft handle that?

That’s fine, allowances are made for departures from the standards as long as they are explained and justified properly. The software allows valuers to state any departures or special assumptions that are particular to a market or asset class.

I’m not entirely up to scratch on the standards, are there training and support elements in the software?

Yes, plenty, we have a full complement of training that takes valuers that have good practical “on-the-ground” experience and teaches them the key aspects of the standards. We have also put “tooltips” all over the menus to better inform the choices that valuers have to make. The more valuations a valuer does, the more they will understand and see the value in the standards.

How much does Interval's license cost?

We’re not sure for the moment. All we can say for the moment is that it will be a monthly subscription per user and that the first 1,000 users will receive a 6 months free trial period.

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Interval is set to release in Q2 2024

Meanwhile, If you are interested in meeting our team, please do contact us and we will get back to you shortly