Real-time data for real live people

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Today, we have access to a staggering amount of robust, real-time data, which in the hands of city governments, designers and citizens, is starting to influence the urban dynamics of cities.

This data allows planners to build complex models of where people stop to chat, where they get an Uber from, where they take selfies, what they do during a grand prix…

This is enabled by big-data sets, such as Transport for London’s Open Data system (which makes all Oyster travel card activity publicly available), projects like OpenStreetMap and social network data, as well as sensors and video recognition.

Making use of this type of data is the goal of the LIVE Singapore! Project. This taps into data generated by the city’s users – such as taxi journey times and cargo movements – and makes it accessible on an open platform that anyone can use to create applications that help improve the lives of Singapore’s inhabitants.

Source: RICS

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